This trendsetting challenge will be key to contribute to reducing solid waste volume going to landfills!

LOS ANGELES – June 22, 2017 – DJ Peter Antal, a young and creative DJ, musician and producer, is reaching out to you to take a step towards a more clever and innovative approach to waste management in your daily routine.  You can become part of this revolutionary idea by taking the Peter Antal Style Manual Waste Compaction Challenge.
Just like any other big city, Los Angeles faces serious issues with waste management.  Solid waste occupies lots of space and many dump trucks are needed every day to transport it to management facilities.  If people are able to decrease the volume of waste that they throw away, imagine how the number of trucks used can be reduced and the effect this can have in carbon emissions.
DJ Peter Antal Waste Compaction
This is where the Peter Antal Style Manual Waste Compaction Challenge comes in.
It is very easy and it will only take a few minutes, showing the participant’s commitment to the environment and how creative they can be doing this.  So, what do you need to participate?  You only need a camera (any smartphone camera should do!), a computer, an internet connection, and a small, empty, box or drink container where you can fit AS MUCH dry waste as possible.
Record yourself doing your best effort in fitting everything you can in that little bottle or box and, using DJ Peter Antal’s soundtrack for this challenge, prepare a vlog entry that you can post on youtube and any social networks you are a part of, and share it with all of those that you know!
Isn’t it genius?
You can see how DJ Peter Antal made it happen by clicking on this link:

Additionally,  DJ Peter Antal has pledged to donate 20% of the ad proceeds generated by this campaign to waste management and environmental education programs for children and adults all over California.
The more people know about what they can do about waste management and the environment, the more positive will be their contribution.
DJ Peter Antal is always looking for ways to get people involved in initiatives to make a difference in the world that they live in.
Using two of his main passions, his music and environmental activism, he calls people to join in this awesome initiative where they will be able to show everyone in Los Angeles, and the world, just how clever and inventive they can be.
DJ Peter Antal has realized how to save the world and challenges you to participate in this unique ritual.  Bring as many people along so that they can also show how they can help by doing the Peter Antal Style Manual Waste Compaction challenge.
DJ Peter Antal is a young and creative DJ, musician and producer.  He has worked with companies in the music industry, such as Sony and Columbia Records, as a producer, composer and A&R.  He has also collaborated with many artists and produces his own music.  You can find out more about him and his work through YouTube (as DJ Peter Antal), Google+, on Twitter as @PeterAntal_M, Instagram as @peterantalmanagement, or in Facebook (Peter Antal).